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For enhanced security it is recommended to use the HttpOnly flag and not set this to False , unless you have a good reason for doing so. This determines whether the secure flag will be set for the repoze.

The default in the absence of the setting is False. Note that the database used should not be the same as the normal CKAN database. The format is the same as in sqlalchemy. The database used must be the same used in ckan. To get the list of all the available properties check the SQLAlchemy documentation. The default language used when creating full-text search indexes and querying them. The default method used when creating full-text search indexes. This setting should only contain the protocol e. Instead, you need to set ckan.

This enables middleware that clears the response string after it has been sent.

None will not store the mimetype for the resource. This controls if CKAN will track the site usage. For more info, read Page View Tracking. Default value: http https ftp. More information about how authorization works in CKAN can be found the Organizations and authorization section. Allow users who are not members of any organization to create datasets, default: true.

Makes role permissions apply to all the groups down the hierarchy from the groups that the role is applied to. CKAN uses Solr to index and search packages. The search index is linked to the value of the ckan. If you are only running a single CKAN instance then this can be ignored. This configures the Solr server used for search. A check of the schema version number occurs when CKAN starts. Make all changes immediately available via the search after editing or creating a dataset.

Default is true. If for some reason you need the indexing to occur asynchronously, set this option to false. Make ckan commit changes solr after every dataset update change. Turn this to false if on solr 4. This setting must be present to enable CORS. If False, only origins from the ckan.

A space separated list of allowable origins. This setting is used when ckan. Format as a space-separated list of the plugin names. The plugin name is the key in the [ckan. For more information on plugins and extensions, see Extending guide. The order of the plugin names in the configuration file influences the order that CKAN will load the plugins in. As long as each plugin class is implemented in a separate Python module i. Plugin loading order can be important, for example for plugins that add custom template files: templates found in template directories added earlier will override templates in template directories added later.

This sets the upper file size limit for in-line previews. Increasing the value allows CKAN to preview larger files e. PDFs in-line; however, a higher value might cause time-outs, or unresponsive browsers for CKAN users with lower bandwidth. This sets size of the chunk to read and write when proxying.

Managing Unknown Applications

Raising this value might save some CPU cycles. It makes no sense to lower it below the page size, which is default. This is for a description, or tag line for the site, as displayed in the header of the CKAN web interface. Whilst the default text is translated into many languages switchable in the page footer , the text in this configuration option will not be translatable. For more information, see Theming guide. This icon is usually displayed by the browser in the tab heading and bookmark. This controls the pagination of the dataset search results page.

This is the maximum number of datasets viewed per page of results. This sets a space-separated list of extra field key values which will not be shown on the dataset read page. While this is useful to e. The keys will still be available via the API and in revision diffs.

If there is a page which allows you to download a dump of the entire catalogue then specify the URL here, so that it can be advertised in the web interface. For example:. If there is a page which allows you to download a dump of the entire catalogue then specify the format here, so that it can be advertised in the web interface. Setting both ckan. This has been effective at preventing bots registering users and creating spam packages.

Defines a list of group names or group ids. This setting is used to display a group and datasets on the home page in the default templates 1 group and 2 datasets are displayed. Defines a list of organization names or ids. This setting is used to display an organization and datasets on the home page in the default templates 1 group and 2 datasets are displayed. This configs if the debug information showing the controller and action receiving the request being is shown in the header.

Defines the resource views that should be created by default when creating or updating a dataset. From this list only the views that are relevant to a particular resource format will be created. This is determined by each individual view.

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If not present or commented , the default value is used. If left empty, no default views are created. You must have the relevant view plugins loaded on the ckan. Default value: png jpeg jpg gif.

Accès unique à l'API ReST

Google Analytics code. You can supply more than one folder, separating the paths with a comma ,.

Product Readmes

For more information on theming, see Theming guide. Note that each of these must be accompanied by the relevant settings for each backend described below. Deprecated, only available option is now pairtree. This must be used nonetheless if upgrading for CKAN 2.

Only used with the local storage backend. Indicates the IP addresses or host addresses with ports and protocols that the server should listen on for requests. Set to a semicolon-separated ; list of URL prefixes to which the server should respond.

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Les formats pris en charge varient selon les serveurs. Supported formats vary among servers. Kestrel a sa propre API de configuration de points de terminaison. Kestrel has its own endpoint configuration API. Specifies the amount of time to wait for Web Host to shut down. La clé accepte une valeur int avec UseSetting par exemple,. UseSetting WebHostDefaults. Although the key accepts an int with UseSetting for example,.

IBM Fix list for IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty - Continuous Delivery

If the timeout period expires before all of the hosted services stop, any remaining active services are stopped when the app shuts down. The services stop even if they haven't finished processing. If services require additional time to stop, increase the timeout.

Determines the assembly to search for the Startup class. The assembly by name string or type TStartup can be referenced.